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Friday, November 8, 2013

Rex Dalek & K-9 Visit Krispy Kreme

The Final Dalek/Halloween Post of 2013!

Rex: Look at all those choices, K-9.
K-9: You are not my Master.  You cannot order me around.
Rex: I’m not ordering you.  I’m just suggesting that, as Master’s newest best friend, you might want to look at what’s available.
K-9: Very well, I will poke my head out of this pocket.  You’re right; Master is dithering between the Strawberries & Cream and the Lemon Meringue Donuts.  Can he not see the Halloween options?
Rex: Perhaps you could influence him to—
K-9: You are not my Master!  You cannot order me around!

Rex: I see your Mesmeric Beam worked.
K-9: I hope Master likes his Pumpkin.  I exist only to serve.
Rex: In that case, you’re serving him a fun, frosted donut with a gooey chocolate center. 
K-9: Yes, it seems a safe choice, but still…

Rex: Mistress seems to like her Chocolate Cobweb. 
K-9: She should.  That chocolate donut has a rich vanilla cream center.
Rex: Yes, I thought it would go well with her cream tea. 

Rex: Well, you can relax, my friend.  Master seems to be—

Rex Dalek & K-9

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