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Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Reason to Time-Travel?

As I mentioned in "Eating Out in Brighton," one day we got hungry during our explorations.  But somehow, no restaurants appealed.  So we stopped in at a Morrison's, purchased a Cornish Pasty, a Sausage Roll, a bag of Quavers, and two drinks, and then set off for this nearby park.

The Old Steine Gardens lie near the Royal Pavilions, the cultural hub of the city.  According to Wikipedia, the Victoria Fountain was built in 1846, to honor Queen Victoria's ascension to the British throne, and the surrounding park came together after that.  We enjoyed sitting on our bench, and admiring the fountain, while we ate our lunch.  

Of course, it would have looked more impressive, had it actually been running during our visit, but…oh, never mind.  Like I said, we enjoyed our visit.  And we weren't the only ones who were glad we ate our lunch there.

Apparently, the opening of the Victoria Fountain proved a real community celebration, as you can see from this framed print in our hotel.

Strangely, the legend below the print read "Opening of Victoria Fountain 1845."

I find this discrepancy sufficient reason to hop into my TARDIS, and travel back in time to discover exactly how and when the fountain and park came together.  Of course, I suppose I could pop down to the library and check out a few books on the history of Brighton.  Research or time-travel: what a quandary.  Wish me luck, whatever adventure I undertake!

Dragon Dave

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