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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Meeting Peter F. Hamilton

Travel Thursday

A highlight of last year's World Fantasy Convention in Brighton, England was meeting author Peter F. Hamilton.  His Night's Dawn trilogy is a monumental saga of literary Science Fiction.  The novels boast a cast list several pages in length, dozens of worlds, governments and ideologies, thoroughly alien races, and exciting adventures that would rival those of Star Wars (should a filmmaker ever adapt the novels for the big screen).  

I found him eminently approachable, courteous, and far more interested in quiet conversation that being the life of the party.  He seemed interested in how I, as a reader, had responded to his books, and perhaps even a little surprised by my enthusiasm for them. This gave me hope that my passion for his trilogy might inspire him one day to write a sequel, or perhaps even another trilogy set in that story universe.

If you enjoy space operas featuring memorable characters, intergalactic battles, and inventive speculation about mankind's expansion to the stars, check out his Night's Dawn saga.  And what will I be doing, you ask?  Why, I'll be seeking out more novels by Peter F. Hamilton, of course!

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