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Friday, January 31, 2014

Rex Dalek & K-9 Go German

Rex: Wienerschnitzel?  That's a strange word.
K-9: My translation circuitry identifies the word as belonging to the German language.  It translates as "Viennese Shred."
Rex: My!  What kind of place have Master & Mistress brought us to? 

K-9: This object matches images in my data banks.  The humans call it a corn dog.
Rex: It doesn't look like a dog.  
K-9: Agreed.  Given its appearance, a more accurate term would be zeppelin-on-a-stick.

Rex: This looks like chili cheese fries, but the fries are all wrinkled.
K-9: The menu board behind the counter denotes them as curly fries.

Rex: I guess curly fries really make the world go round, 'eh?
K-9: Negative.  Gravity still makes the world revolve on its axis.

Rex: That curly chili fry was good.  Do we dare take a sample of this Shredded Viennese animal?
K-9: Negative.  Master & Mistress entrusted us with guarding it while they got drink refills.

Rex: It would appear that Master & Mistress are rewarding us for our service.
K-9: Affirmative.
Rex: If it makes you feel less uncomfortable, think of it as part of a zeppelin.
K-9: Yet again, this K-9 unit fails to understand so-called Dalek humor. 

Rex: Shall I let you gnaw the stick?  
K-9: This unit does not gnaw.
Rex: If it makes you feel any better, think of it as a bone.
K-9: This unit does not gnaw!

Rex: Well, that was an experience.
K-9: This unit is left uncertain as to the humans' idea of fun.
Rex: But look: Master & Mistress are smiling!
K-9: Humans are illogical.  That's why they need us to serve them.
Rex: Ja.  I mean, agreed.

Rex Dalek & K-9

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