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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Rambling Around London

Weekend Extra

I've decided to rework my Pages section, that standalone area of blog posts that you can access at any time.  I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with it yet, but I'm taking down my old "Travel" page.  Most of the entries are related to my liking for British TV shows and movies. If anything strikes your fancy in the list below, you can click the link and read about.  

Come, explore London with me...

A Journey into English Fiction Part 1
A Journey into English Fiction Part 2
Where Church and State are One: Part 1 
Where Church and State are One: Part 2
Where Church and State are One: Part 3 
The Power of Big Ben 
Turned Away from the Palace of Westminster 
Richard the Lionheart: Carpark Attendant 
Richard the Lionheart in “The Crusade” 
Westminster Bridge in Color, and in Black and White 
Monty Python on Westminster Bridge 
Keeping an Eye on the River Thames 
The Purple Cow of London 
Walking Whitehall
The Sausage That Brings Isolation Part 1 
The Sausage That Brings Isolation Part 2 
The English-Indian Love Affair 
In Search of Greatness 
The Great Anachronism 
Lions and Daleks and Wizards, oh my!
Audrey, Richard, and the Unknown Constable
Dining Out if for the Bird (and the People) 
Faith, Religion, and the English People 
A Ramble, a Triumph, and a Risky Sacrifice 
A Surprising Discovery 
A History of Conflict 
Welcomed into the Palace of Westminster 
My Uncle, Hercule Poirot
A New Guru
Hercule Poirot Meets the Romans
As Time Goes By in Holland Park: Part 1

Whew!  That was a lot of traveling, wasn't it?  I hope you enjoyed your tour of London, and that it inspires you to do some adventuring of your own.   

Dragon Dave

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