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Monday, January 6, 2014

Emma Peel & Daleks

In The Avengers episode "Death At Bargain Prices," the murder of a fellow agent causes John Steed and Emma Peel to investigate a nearby department store.  While Steed researches the store's history and owner, Mrs. Peel takes a job there.  After a brief stint in Lingerie, she ends up working in the toy department.

A fellow worker may be interested in Emma's legs, but she's more interested in the Daleks on sale.  Like so many, she can't resist their siren song.  She must hold one, and admire it, before affixing it to her back wall display.

As Steed and Emma Peel discover, the death of their fellow agent is linked to the disappearance of a nuclear scientist.  One night, they ransack the store, looking for a bomb that could destroy London.

Like Emma Peel, my wife and I find Daleks irresistible. And why not? They're a highly intelligent species.  Might the Daleks have given Emma Peel a hint to the bomb's existence?  Perhaps they communicated it to her on a psychic wavelength?

Now, to buy my wife the leather spaceman outfit Emma is modeling.

Dragon Dave

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