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Friday, January 24, 2014

Daleks Make Navajo Tacos

Dalek Friday

Denim: Okay boss, I got out the chili like you asked.  Shall I affix it to the electric can opener?
Pocket: Are you certified to operate heavy machinery?
Denim: Uh…
Pocket: Never mind.  Come over here.  I've got another job for you.

Denim: How I can help out here?
Pocket: I've just rinsed the lettuce.  You can dry it off.
Denim: Attention, excess water: Evaporate! Evaporate!! Evaporate!!!

Denim: Okay boss, what's next?
Pocket: Technically, we're supposed to ladle chili on top of Navajo Fry Bread, but Master & Mistress like splitting a piece of cornbread instead.
Denim: What's a ladle?
Pocket: Never mind.  Just split the chili between the two bowls.
Denim: You got it, boss!

Denim: What are we making, boss?
Pocket: This is a recipe Mistress adapted called Navajo Tacos.
Denim: They look nothing like tacos.
Pocket: Are you certified for sarcasm?  Never mind, just divide the lettuce, okay?
Denim: Can I sound an undulating war cry while doing so?
Pocket: Are you certified by any American Indian tribes to imitate their ancient traditions?
Denim: Uh…you know, this might serve as an example of how excessive regulation can take the joy out of living.

Denim: Let me guess.  We top the lettuce with salsa and sour cream?
Pocket: Exactly.  Nice job drying off the lettuce, by the way.
Denim: Thanks.

Denim: Hey, you think it would be okay if we had a taste?
Pocket: Do you remember what happened when we made nachos?
Denim: Oh yeah, that was great!
Pocket: Yes, but unfortunately, Mistress has warned me that there is to be no repetition of that incident.
Denim: Sounds like more excessive regulation to me.

Pocket & Denim Dalek

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