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Monday, May 14, 2012

Prince Albert’s Message for Monday

Buses stop outside the Royal Albert Hall.
They drop off passengers.
They pick up passengers.
They move on.
(As does life).


I apologize to those of you who enjoy my long, text-based blog posts.  This won’t be one of those.  Last weekend, while a great chance to reunite with family, nonetheless left me exhausted.  

Despite my desire to inspire you each day, I am beginning to realize how much of my mental focus it takes to write seven essays of my usual length every week for Dragon Cache.  (That's not to say that you are not worth it!)  I need to be devoting sufficient time to my primary task: writing my novels and getting them published.  After all, that's what people say that they really want from me.  So....

The Wise and their works
are in the Hand of God.

Great feats of industry.  
Divine Protection.

May this message, from the Royal Albert Hall in London, spur on your own efforts today.

Dragon Dave

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