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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Prince Albert’s Message for Thursday

I wonder if he's solid,
Or concrete painted gold.
Maybe he's really chocolate.
Let's peel away the wrapper
And find out.

Two Voices Raised in Song

Despite all my experience and training, my voice no longer works as readily as I would like.  Perhaps it’s heredity.  Maybe it’s sinus drainage, or simply lack of use.  After all, as I work on my own, I have no reason to talk or sing to myself. 

Not that I don’t occasionally talk--or even sing--to myself, but that’s neither here nor there.  Nor do I talk about how I talk to myself: that would be too introspective!  

Whatever the reason, I no longer look forward to singing in Church.  Sometimes, I can’t even manage conversation without sounding all crackly.  This fact, along with my writing, doesn’t help me remember my Speech Therapist’s instructions and practice my vocal exercises.  So I arrived at my mother’s house without having practiced a song for Sunday.

Linda kindly offered to sing with me, and we practiced twice on Saturday with my mother.  Still, as we stood before the congregation, I worried: would I project clear tones, or merely crackle. 

Humility forbids I offer you a review of our singing.  The pastor seemed to enjoy our duet though.  As we returned to our seats, he quipped, “Do you have any CDs available?  At lunch a number of us invaded a local restaurant.  There, he asked, “How many CDs have you made?”  Then to me: “Do you lead the singing at your church?  You should!”  Of course, he repeated his kind offer that we were welcome to return and sing any time.

I’m not used to thinking of my voice as special.  Perhaps I run with the wrong crowd.  Or maybe some people are just more appreciative than others.  All of us have unique talents and abilities, even if we don’t perceive them.  For each gift, there must be a community who would respond to what we have to offer.  It’s up to us to find them. 

In serving them, we are likewise blessed.  (Not that the latter's a consideration.  Right?)

Now, on with Prince Albert’s message for today.  I don’t have a photo for the remaining inscription on the Royal Albert Hall, but it carries on from yesterday with:

"And works of all nations in fulfillment
of the intention of Albert Prince Consort."

So what do we have?

Prince Albert desires
The advancement of all nations
Through their works.

What?  He's not primarily in the advance of his own nation, his own people, the crowd or group or club with whom he identifies? Really?  Could anyone be that selfless?  (That is, apart from enlightened folks like you and me?)

Dragon Dave

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