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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Prince Albert’s Message for Tuesday

So many people
Arriving and departing.
I wonder if they ever stop
to admire the building,
or think about what
it's trying to say.

Want to hear a little about my weekend?  (Sure you do).

Saturday...phew!  A long drive up to Los Angeles, another drive to a Mexican restaurant, then ran an errand with Mother and friend.  A great lunch though: a steak burrito with a chili relleno inside it.  A first for me: muy delicious!  Gracias, Mamma y amiga!  In the evening, we hopped in the car again, this time to attend a surprise birthday party for a family member.  

There, we were asked the inevitable question from the person’s friends: “Now how do you know _______?”  I don’t know how we’re related: it’s one of those extended-family things.  She’s a cousin-ish.  Why do people always expect you to understand all the branchings in a family tree?

At any rate, she was REALLY surprised (and pleasantly surprised), so it was all good.  

Now, on to today's inspiring inscriptions.

Glory be to God on high,
and on Earth, peace.

Thanking the Divine

Could the secret of life really be that easy?
Dragon Dave

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