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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Prince Albert’s Message for Wednesday

Prince Albert shines so brightly,
He seems so very wise.
He has so much to teach us,
At least so I surmise.

What?  You want to hear more about my weekend?  How kind of you to display such interest!

All the driving on Saturday, compounded with eating at odd times (late lunch but no dinner, just lots of desserts at the party), and consequently with not sleeping well, left me shattered on Sunday morning.  After about half-an-hour, I had to leave the Bible class, get a drink, and walk around the Church parking lot for fifteen minutes in an attempt to banish my drowsiness and exhaustion. 

A fluffy, brown dog, probably a Cocker Spaniel or something similar, climbed up a waist-high chicken-wire fence and straddled it to bark at me.  I watched him as I walked my circuits, amazed he didn’t fall.  What did he think: that I was going to leave the asphalt, walk across the hundred feet of untamed wilderness (okay, untended grass and weeds) and leap into his yard?  Yap yap yap!  

Just the thing to lift my spirits.  

Still: the dog had a great sense of balance.

On my final tour of the parking lot, I paused to watch two bugs joined together at the posterior as they scrambled across the asphalt.  I don’t know what type of insects they were.  Each had a red X crisscrossing its black-and-gray back.  At first I thought they were Ladybugs, but they were more oval than round, so probably not.  Any ideas?

It’s amazing what fifteen minutes and a little exercise can do for you.  I returned to class refreshed, and better able to face singing my special during the worship service.

And now, Prince Albert’s message for today.

This Hall was erected
for the advancement of the arts and sciences.

Interesting.  A building, essentially a performance hall, erected to advance 
the arts 
the sciences.

Can the two be joined?  
If so, how?
And what might doing so gain us?

Dragon Dave

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