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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Change is as Good as a Rest

Dalek the Gray guards my wife's Pork & Stilton pie.

In an episode of the British comedy, “Are You Being Served?”
Mr. Grace transfers the staff of Gents and Ladies’ Apparel
To the Toy Department.
Mr. Humphreys falls in love with the Wibbly-Wobblies.
Mrs. Slocumbe abandons all pretense, 
And lavishes great care upon the dolls.
Old Mr. Grainger dislikes children, 
But finds he loves the trains.

At home I rarely drink hot tea.
I never eat meat pastries.
I always choose ice cream over cookies, cakes and scones.
And I never, ever picnic.

Yet in England, 
I find myself emulating the locals,
And loving it.

In deference to poor Perky,
I opted for the Cornish Pastie.
(At least that's my story).

Feeling down, stressed, or in need of a change?

I encourage you to do something different.
Embrace change. 
Do something different than you ordinary would.
Don’t choose something big or monumental.
Start with something small, and seemingly inconsequential.
And see where it takes you.

As they say in that episode of “Are You Being Served?”
"A change is as good as a rest."

Thanks for considering my suggestion,

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