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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dining with the Thirskites

The Cod Beck River flows through Thirsk.

Beside a meandering stream, 
not far from a picturesque bridge, 
my wife and I ate our lunch.  

We feasted on meat pastries, 
drank our sodas, 
and watched as the Thirskites passed by.  

A mother with a baby carriage 
rested on a nearby bench. 
Children frolicked in the stream, 
splashing and laughing.
Parents watched from blankets 
spread out on the grass.

Dogs played, 
chased balls, 
and barked at each other.
A wet, black Labrador 
approached our picnic table
to welcome us to his town.

Today’s choice of venue 
was partly due to economics. 
Yet eating outside, 
enjoying such pleasant weather, 
was also great fun.
Here we gained more insight 
into the lives of the locals,
Than by dining in a crowded, 
overpriced restaurant.

I’m glad we did our research,
And found out about this park.
For in mixing with the Thirskites,
Our lunch became a lark.

The bridge that spans
the Cod Beck River
that flows through
the park in Thirsk.

We didn’t even mind hearing the dogs bark.  
And bark.  
And bark….

Thanks for accompanying us,
Dragon Dave

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