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Monday, July 29, 2013

Drinking Tea with Inspector Lewis

On our visit last year to Yorkshire, we fell in love with Yorkshire Tea.  It had a nice flavor, and like the region of England from which it takes its name, seems more substantial than some other brands.  Since returning home, we've found it in several local stores, and thus look forward to our weekends together, when we can make a pot of tea and enjoy our breakfast together.  After savoring its rich flavor, we can then venture out upon our weekend adventures together.

In "Reputation", the first "Inspector Lewis" mystery, Lewis arrives at Heathrow Airport after working for two years in the British Virgin Islands. His new assistant, Detective Sergeant Hathaway, picks him up, but before they get back to the station they are called out to investigate a homicide.  That evening, jet-lagged and world-weary, Lewis arrives home.  His house is empty, his cupboards bare.  He empties his shopping bag of the few items he picked up at the grocery store.  And among those staples, those necessities of life, is a box of tea.

In a country as rich in history as England, regional distinctions often prove important.  People celebrate their local heritage, and support locally made products.  While Oxford is just outside London, Yorkshire (inhabited by "Northerners") seems a world away.  Yet Inspector Lewis doesn't reach for a tea made near London or Oxford.  He knows that, among the staples he needs to restart his life in England, he must have the rich taste and sustaining flavor found only in Yorkshire Tea.  

If it helps Inspector Lewis unravel the most perplexing mysteries (and helps Dragon Dave kickstart his weekends), you can rely on Yorkshire Tea to help you meet anything life demands of you.  

Well, at least nearly everything.  I mean, this is only a hot drink we're talking about, right? Oh, wow, I just heard thunder outside.  That's strange.  I wasn't expecting a storm today...

Dragon Dave

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  1. Just make sure to add some cream for a nice rich flavor.