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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Exploring Oxford with Inspector Lewis

Oxford may seem impossibly old, yet it beats with fervor and vitality.  Its university attracts the smartest and brightest from all over the globe, and tourists flood the museums or gape from air-conditioned tour buses.  

Yet it’s also home to murder, which is why Inspector Lewis patrols its streets, inspecting crime scenes and questioning witnesses.

The TV series serves as a love letter to the city, as the camera slowly pans past historic buildings, or grants us entry to fabulous mansions.  It makes us feel like we could instantly connect with Oxford, if we spent but a few hours exploring the literary stomping grounds of C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, and Colin Dexter.  

Yet so many people visit the town each year that the colleges are barred, and the gates only open to key cards, those fortunate enough to know someone who belongs there, and of course, police detectives such as Inspector Lewis.

A few hours spent walking the public paths, and seeing so much history crammed into so small a place, only makes one hunger for a second visit, one planned with more forethought.  To walk her less traveled paths, to peer deeper into Oxford's beating heart.

For Oxford is full of many mysteries, and not all of those involve murder.

Alas, another time…

Dragon Dave

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