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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Inspector Lewis at the Natural History Museum: Part 1

If you watch Masterpiece Mystery on your local PBS station, then you no doubt saw the latest series of mysteries featuring Inspector Lewis and D.S. Hathaway.  The series is centered in the English university town of Oxford, and in “Down Among the Fearful,” a murder investigation takes the detectives to Oxford National History Museum.  This gave me a special thrill, as I toured the museum on a recent trip to England, and would love to visit it again some day. 

There’s so much in the museum to see and appreciate, but for me, the star attraction was all the dinosaurs.  Who knows?  If I wasn’t writing a novel about dragons, I could very well have called myself Dinosaur Dave.  I like them that much.

I only have one problem the Oxford Natural History Museum.  The staff really need take better care of their dinosaurs.  I mean, look at them: they really need to put some meat on them bones!

Dragon (Dinosaur?) Dave

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