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Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Wit of Douglas Adams

In his commentary for “The Armageddon Factor,” the sixth and final story of the sixteenth season of Doctor Who (as well as the final story in “The Key to Time” story arc), director Michael Hayes recalled his meeting with screenwriters Bob Baker and Dave Martin.  While he couldn’t recall what was said, he remembered that the meeting seemed to go on forever.  Eventually, he decided to end it by telling Baker and Martin, “Excuse me, chaps, but I think I’ll head off to the bar now.”  

Apparently Michael got quite a reputation for doing this sort of thing.  Douglas Adams, who wrote “The Pirate Planet,” the second story in “The Key to Time” arc, was certainly aware of it.  Hayes enjoyed reading Science Fiction occasionally, and his favorite all-time SF authors were Alfred Bester and Issac Asimov.  When The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was published, Hayes bought a copy, and asked Adams to autograph it for him. 

Afterward, Hayes looked in the novel, and realized that, in addition to signing his name, Douglas Adams had written a brief note.  “To Michael Hayes,” it read.  “The man who can always find his way to the bar.”

Wherever you are, Douglas, hurry back.  We miss you!

Dragon Dave

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