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Friday, October 25, 2013

Iron Dalek Vs. Triceratops

Oh, hey, you caught me a little early today.  Okay, I know I'm late, don't rub it in.  But I suppose I can talk while I put the last finishing touches on my picture.

People have asked me why I've chosen to draw two pictures involving Daleks and Dinosaurs.  Well, as a beginning artist, I tend to draw what I know, and my friends and I have visited a lot of planets.  Some were clearly at prehistoric periods, and we met (and occasionally fought) some amazing and fearsome monsters.  My Master and Mistress also love Doctor Who (Okay, he's on the Daleks' Most Wanted List, but they like him), and one of their favorite stories is "Invasion of the Dinosaurs." Also, I recently finished the Ray Bradbury collection Dinosaur Tales, so perhaps I've drawn inspiration from stories and illustrations in that volume.  But why a artist does something isn't always clear.  Believe it or not, sometimes we just put our pencils to paper, with a vague idea of what we'd like to create, and we're as surprised by the end result as everyone else.  

Phew!  There we go.  Finished!  (Finally).  It's not a perfect picture, but I suppose every creative venture we undertake is a learning process. Occasionally someone like da Vinci or J.R.R. Tolkien will devote a decade or more to a painting or story.  For me, as a beginning artist, I'm just trying to master the basics in each drawing, and then moving on to the next.  At any rate, I'm glad I finished this drawing, and got to share it with you.  I hope you like it, and that my work (of greatness) inspires you to pick up your own pencils, and draw a picture of your own.  

Maybe even a picture involving Daleks and Dinosaurs?

May your day be filled with discoveries and adventures!

The Dalek Artist

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