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Friday, December 13, 2013

The Daleks of Falmer

Artist: I hope Master starts sketching soon.  He's losing his light.

Rex: Relax.  He's had a busy morning.  He'll get around to it, if he has the time.
K-9: At least he's eating healthy.  That's what's really important.

Artist: But the light!  Right now, he's got a moody atmosphere that Ashley Jackson would kill for.  Every moment he delays, he risks losing it.
K-9: I concur.  But it's not just the lighting; the temperature is also falling.
Artist: See, K-9 agrees with me. Master should cease eating now, and at least draw that bird at the edge of the pond, if he doesn't want to attempt to capture the entire scene.

Rex: Break off his lunch to draw the sky or a bird? Are you kidding me?  He can draw those at home.
Artist: But this is an English sky, and English birds!  He's missing an important opportunity!

Rex: Master's got his priorities right.  See, he's enjoying his Quavers. He can't get those back home, so it's important he really take the time to savor those now.

Rex: Uh…gee, thank's Master.  I'm, uh…honored.  Hey, would you two be quiet?  It's not that funny!!!

K-9, Rex, & Artist Daleks

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