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Friday, March 21, 2014

A Dalek Fiesta

Denim: Look Master, a young man brought you this basket of chips.

Pocket: And here's some fresh salsa.  It's a good source of vegetables.

Denim: Let's secure some guacamole for Master before it disappears!

Pocket: With all the chips, what shall we do with these hot tortillas?

Denim: We could fill some up with refried beans.

Pocket: Beans are good, but this looks like the ultimate tortilla filling.

Denim: The way food keeps appearing, this is rapidly becoming a fiesta!

Pocket: Is it just me, or did the leftovers multiply on the way home?  
Denim: Really. Now all we need is twelve baskets of loaves and fishes.
Pocket: Quick: open up that bag of chips.  I want to exterminate some of this before Master puts it all in the fridge.
Denim: Si. Exterminamos! Exterminamos!! Exterminamos!!!

Pocket & Denim Dalek

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