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Friday, May 30, 2014

The Daleks of Chuck E Cheese

Rex: Here we are: your first visit to the world famous Chuck E Cheese.
Rusty: Thanks for bringing me. I can't wait to play games and win prizes!

Rusty: While Rex is getting my tokens, I'll add Chuck E Cheese to my Twitter feed.

Rex: I've never seen anyone so anxious to play the machines! Ah well, the first time is always special.

Rusty: Raptor's Revenge is hard. No wonder they went extinct.

Rex: I wonder if that machine analyzed me correctly. I don't feel like a princess today.

Rusty: Calculating thrust, momentum, inclination. 
Maybe I'll just throw it.

 Rusty: Hey Chuck E, over here! I want to play too!

Rex: You played well for your first visit.
Rusty: Can we trade these in now, please?

Rusty: This is my favorite prize of all.
Rex: You will not get sentimental! Sentimental!! Sentimental!!!

Rusty & Rex Daleks

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