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Friday, November 14, 2014

Count Dalek-ula On Crucial Vampire Fiction

Recently, I vatched the Doctor Who story, "State of Decay," vith my Master. I especially enjoyed "Leaves of Blood," a special on the DVD, in vhich famous British authors list important and popular Vampire fiction of the last century. Authors polled included Peter Crowther (Darkness, Darkness), Simon Clark (Vampyrrhic), Stephen Gallagher (The Kingdom of Bones), Kim Newman (Anno Dracula), and Ramsey Campbell (The Grin of the Dark). These authors may only be Human, and therefore lack the critical assessment capabilities of a Dalek, but they have won awards, sold millions of books, and been driving forces in the Horror literary community. So I vant to share with you their List of Essential Vampire Fiction.

Essential Vampire Stories
Varney The Vampire, or The Feast of Blood 
by James Malcolm Rymer (serialized novel)
"The Vampyre" by John William Polidori (novella)
"Carmilla" by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu (novella)
"The Mysterious Stranger" by Anonymous (novella)
Dracula by Bram Stoker
I Am Legend by Richard Matheson
Some of Your Blood by Theodore Sturgeon
Salem's Lot by Stephen King
Interview With A Vampire by Anne Rice

Of course, Vampires inhabit more than the printed page, and almost seem more at home on the stage, as the popularity of TV shows like Buffy The Vampire Slayer attests. In another extra, pop culture historian, writer, and educator Sir Christopher John Frayling states that Bram Stoker vas involved in the theatre, and infused his novel vith as much camp as horror. 

Certainly Terrance Dicks, author of "State Of Decay," vould agree that public perception of Vampires is shaped less by the source literature than their more sensational movie and TV versions. He vrote his Doctor Who story to appeal to those who had grown up with the Hammer Horror movies, as he believed few people had actually read Bram Stoker's formative novel. 

Thor loves Hammer films!

Between Humans and Daleks, opinions may differ on any Essential Reading List. Having read over my Master's shoulder, I really enjoyed the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter novels by Laurell K Hamilton. Master and I read eleven of them. If you have any thoughts on the stories listed above, or vould like to share your favorite Vampire stories with Master and other readers, please leave a comment. Even if you are a Human, I vill still take your recommendation under consideration. But then, I am a Dalek, and committed to mastering all fields of study. Ignorance must be viped out, expunged and eliminated, excoriated, exterminated...yes! That's the word I'm looking for!

Exterminated, Exter-MINATED, EXTERMINATED!!!!!!!!!

Count Dalek-ula

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