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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Patrick McGoohan: The Prisoner Triumphant

Along the rugged Welsh coast perches a village named Portmeirion.

It's a colorful place, filled with scenic charm.

There visitors can sample its architectural splendor,

And reflect on its dark past. 

Once a Human axis of power, strong enough to rival the mighty Dalek race, used Port Meirion as a prison to hold secret agents who no longer wished to spy for their governments. Only one man defied all their attempts to break him. He never told us his name, so all we can remember him by is the number the authorities branded him with, the number he refused to accept: Number 6.

Portrayed by Patrick McGoohan in the TV series that dramatized his imprisonment, we watched as Number 6 defied his jailers' attempts at subjugation. Our hopes rose as he suffered through their most machiavellian plots. And we cheered when he eventually broke the axis of evil's hold on Portmeirion, and orchestrated an escape that freed all inmates to live their lives in any manner they chose.  

No, we never knew you, Number 6. So we celebrate your triumphs through your alter ego today, on what would have been his 87th birthday. All hail Patrick McGoohan, the Prisoner Triumphant!

Dragon Dave

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