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Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Tantalizing Delights of Hogsmeade

With all the shops in Hogsmeade competing for our attention, one that captured it fully was a candy store. This display of Chocolate Frogs, along with the trading cards of witches and wizards included in each box, tantalized us with the possibility of compiling the complete set. (And, no doubt, a formidable army of frogs).

This display of delectables confounded even the most jaded palates.

While a display of Peppermint Toads had us croaking with delight,

this selection of Fudge Flies didn't promise us a pleasurable buzz.

In the end, we purchased an item both practical and tasty: a chocolate cauldron. I could eat the inside, and then use prepare potions. Of course, after storing away all the potions I could hope to need, I could then consume the cauldron in a manner befitting an accomplished wizard like myself.

Talk about having your cauldron and eating it too! But then, chocolate is a magical food.

Dragon Dave

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