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Friday, June 12, 2015

On Stealing Hercule Poirot's Tree

Recently, my wife gave me a new set of colored pencils, and a new sketch book in which to use them.

These pencils offered softer lead than my old set, and more color choices. I took them with me to my wife's doctor's office last week, and while she went inside, I sat in the car. I was fascinated by a tree directly in front of me, one with no green leaves on it, and the bark cracking and falling off. I sketched the outline of it with my mechanical pencil, in as much detail as I could, then started a color chart with my new pencils.

This week, as I drove my wife to the doctor's, I hoped I could get the same parking spot. As I pulled in the driveway, I saw the space was free, and happily pulled into it. Then my wife said "They took your tree," and I looked up.

They had! They had cut down my tree!

The thing is, they actually stole Hercule Poirot's tree, as I had planned on inserting him into the picture this time. I also discovered something else. All the bark of my tree had been shades of gray (just like Poirot's little grey cells), and I didn't have a single gray in my new set. Not a one! So, by using my mechanical pencil, as well as black, white, and brown, I colored in the tree as best I could. Then I set to work on drawing Hercule Poirot.


As these new colored pencils had softer lead, they laid down color more quickly. But they also seemed to have more trouble doing so uniformly. Obviously, I've got a lot of learning to do with my new pencil set. Still, I feel pretty good about Hercule Poirot. I suppose my tree will have to do, as it was the best I could make it with the colors on hand. In any case, the famous detective seems to have discovered the scene of a violent crime. I wonder if he'll discover any valuable clues to help him solve his case.

Or maybe the police requisitioned the tree as evidence. That's possible, right?

Dragon Dave

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