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Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Mystery of Stonehenge

What is the mystery of Stonehenge? Why did our ancient forefathers build it? How did they use it? How did it impact their lives?

The audio guides will just tell you all we don't know about these incredible people. Archeologists speculate on how they lived and built this place. Science Fiction and Fantasy authors from Steven Lawhead to Robert Silverberg have woven such stone circles into their fiction. Doctor Who has touched upon these ties to our long lost past in stories such as "The Daemons" and "The Stones of Blood." But what did Stonehenge really mean to our forefathers? What urging drove them to create stone circles such as this? 

Ultimately, all we know is they came here. For worship? To celebrate their achievements and the special days in their lives? Or merely to chart the stars in the sky?

They chiseled out these enormous blocks of stone, and hauled them across fields, through valleys, and perhaps even over hills. They they lifted them into position, and set some atop the others, following incredibly precise calculations and measurements. They did all this so capably that these stone circles still stand, and can still be used for astronomical purposes, thousands of years later.  

They visited here, perhaps regularly. But they didn't live here. So why not erect such formations closer to their settlements? What all did they do here, when they left their homes and traveled here, to what we presume was their sacred place? And why do modern people still flock here, clogging the highway with all the cars, trucks, and buses arriving, departing, or merely traveling past this ancient monument?

What is it? What is the mystery of Stonehenge?

Ultimately, all we can do is wonder. And marvel. 

Oh yes, we can marvel.

Dragon Dave

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