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Monday, March 14, 2016

Clovelly & Helpful Labels

A picturesque Travel destination:
The Harbor of Clovelly, England

Blogger offers a useful search feature. This is called Labels. It allows you to assign different labels to a blog, and list those labels as a way to help readers find the posts that they really want to read. Formerly, I placed all the labels into one category, which I somewhat imaginatively called Labels, and located it on the left sidebar. That list grew over time, until it seemed to cover any number of topics.

I don't know how many readers search my blog, but two of the most easily definable categories are Authors and Travel. So I've split my labels into those two categories. To look up entries regarding a particular author, scroll down the blog until you see that author's name listed on the left-hand side. Click the name, and it will take you to all entries related to the author.

Another type of post that people really respond to are my travel articles. So if you're interested in researching a future vacation, or just wish to revisit articles I've written about particular places, you can find those listed in the Travel section, located in the left sidebar, directly beneath the Author section. 

If, for example, the above photo from Clovelly intrigued you, you could locate Clovelly in the Travel section, click it, and read all my posts about Clovelly. When you read those posts, you will notice that I visited Clovelly because the village was mentioned in Charles Kingsley's novel Westward Ho! So if you enjoyed those articles on Clovelly, you could click on Charles Kingsley in the Author section, and Blogger will bring up all the articles in which I cited Charles Kingsley. Not only would you learn more about this important nineteenth century novel, but you would also read posts from other places mentioned in the novel, such as Bideford and Appledore.

Alternatively, if you have nothing to do all day, you could just click on England, located in the Travel section, and read all my posts on all the places I've visited in England. Doesn't that sound like a pleasant way to spend the day?

Hopefully, this reorganization of The Dragon's Cache will help you locate any previous post you would like to read, or research places you would like to visit. 

Dragon Dave

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