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Friday, April 15, 2016

Periodic Maintenance & A Personal Project

This week, I've started doing a little maintenance work to The Dragon's Cache. This involved updating the Top Ten Posts page to reflect recent surges in popularity. Two new posts climbed onto the list, which meant that two fell off. I'll let you guess at the newcomers. The losers are:

9.   The Windmills of Mojave                              
10. The Conan Chronologies

Fans of Conan the Barbarian, and creator Robert E. Howard, can still access the Conan Chronologies post via the link above, and also from the Howard's Hyborian Heroes page. Fans of Green Energy are out-of-luck, unless they pass around The Windmills of Mojave on Facebook and Twitter, and get their friends enthused about it. But then, out of eleven hundred posts, to have spent a year or two on the Top Ten is a worthy accomplishment. So for now, congratulations and good-bye, Windmills of Mojave.

In the meantime, I've started a personal project I've wanted to carry out for some time. I'm working on my own chronology of Conan The Barbarian stories. In time, this will fuse my love of Conan literature with my collection of Conan comics. Eventually, it may evolve into a blog dedicated solely to Conan. But for now, I'm just building the list a little at a time. You can access it, and check back to see how it develops, on the page My Conan Chronology. As with the other pages, you will find it on the right-hand sidebar, beneath My Post List and my Blog Archive.


Dragon Dave

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