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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

On Indulgences: Part 1

How can I choose just one?
I want them all!

(The Candy Parlor at Knott's Berry Farm).

A while ago, my wife and I spent a weekend at a woman's house. Knowing we liked Panera Bread, she suggested that we go there the following morning for breakfast. She mentioned she especially liked the little quiches they served. Her offer of a breakfast at Panera Bread tantalized us, as we usually went there for lunch, and we awaited the following morning's breakfast with great anticipation.

We awoke the following morning to the smell of muffins baking. By the time we had dressed, the muffins were sitting on a cooling rack, and the woman was cooking eggs on the stove. My wife and I looked at each other in surprise. "I guess we're not going to Panera Bread," I whispered to her. 

"I guess not," my wife responded.

Soon we were seated at a table, with a bowl filled with of scrambled eggs, a plate of freshly baked muffins, a selection of marmalade, jams, jellies and honey, and a bowl of sliced fruit. Accompanying all this was milk, juice, and hot tea to drink. Despite the heaping portions arrayed before us, I was still uncertain as to the woman's intentions regarding her suggested morning stop at Panera Bread. My wife and I took small, measured portions of the food she had prepared for us. She continually encouraged us to eat more, until we relented, and filled our stomaches with the delicious breakfast she had prepared.

A short while later, we got into the car, to accompany her on her errands. As she drove, she announced that we visit Panera Bread after her first stop. What? Now? Um...right. Much as we would have enjoyed trying the promised quiche, or indulging in a tasty pastry, we had no room in our stomaches for more food then. So we told her politely that she had satisfied us with wonderful breakfast, and suggested that, if it was okay with her, we stop there for lunch instead.

After a number of errands, which involved much more driving than she had represented to us, we arrived at Panera Bread for lunch. We were tired out by the drive, and I felt a little car sick. So we were glad to enter the cool restaurant, and enjoy at one of our favorite places. But the woman we had opted to spend the weekend with glared and frowned at me throughout the meal, as if I were to blame for spoiling her day. She spoke little, and acted as if we had dragged her into her least favorite restaurant, even though we bought her what she claimed was her favorite sandwich. 

Apparently, I had ruined her day. Somehow...

Dragon Dave

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