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Monday, October 17, 2016

Everyone's Smiling at Knott's Berry Farm

It can be scary to go new places. This is especially true at Knott's Berry Farm during October.

You could find yourself in some real hot water. Or worse, facing otherworldly creatures lurking in the water.

But provided you remain vigilant, you should survive these dangers unscathed.

Smiling helps too. It reinforces a positive mental attitude, which can help you defeat any foe, regardless of how scary they seem. A good rule for life, don't you think? (Not to get preachy, or anything).

Ultimately, Knott's Berry Farm may seem scary during October, but everyone's really having lots of fun.

But then, everyone's smiling at Knott's Berry Farm, regardless of whatever month you visit, which helps with the whole positive attitude thing, I suppose. (Again, not that I'm getting preaching or anything).

Dragon Dave

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