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Monday, October 31, 2016

Insane Discover America Tour 2016: Capitol Reef

Picture Capitol Reef National Park as a pencil, with one main road cutting horizontally through the middle. This leaves much of the park inaccessible unless you've got an 4 wheel drive vehicle. Nor can I say much for the folks staffing the ranger station. Unlike Grand Staircase-Escalante, tour buses constantly go through here, and overwhelm the facilities. We found the staff there curt and uninterested in making our stay there in any way exceptional. 

We took a little drive along the main road, and stopped occasionally to photograph any geological features that caught our eye. Then we left to find our hotel.

We returned after dinner. In the waning light, we hiked part of an Intermediate level hike, and enjoyed how the evening light deepened the colors in the landscape.

When those faded, there were still the colors in the sky. For a few minutes, anyway.

The next morning, we drove through the park, stopping to take one last glimpse of Capitol Reef National Park. Then we headed onward to our next adventure.

Dragon Dave

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