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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Wrangling Rick Takes The Stage

Wrangling Rick, Krazy Kirk, Animal Anders, and Whistling Rick

Last weekend at Knott's Berry Farm, Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies took the stage with a guest musician. Kirk introduced him as Wrangling Rick. Apparently he is a vegetarian, and earned his name by wrangling with cucumbers. Kirk never explained why Rick took issue with cucumbers, but I suppose even vegetarians must have some vegetables they dislike.

Wrangling Rick and Krazy Kirk jam.

Aside from being a vegetarian, Wrangling Rick has another claim to fame: he inspired Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies to add "Sharp Dressed Man," to their set list. He and Kirk then led the group in a crowd-pleasing rendition of ZZ Top's hit song.

When Animal Anders joined Kirk for a fiddle duet, Wrangling Rick then took over Animal's bass. He laid down a strong backbeat that helped the two fiddlers shine.

Whistling Rick

All this proved too much for Whistling Rick. As a regular, he resented all the attention the new boy was getting. So he challenged Wrangling Rick to a duel.

Wrangling Rick and Whistling Rick: dueling banjos.

While Krazy Kirk and Animal Anders urged them on, the two Ricks demonstrated their banjo prowess. First Whistling Rick would try his stuff. Then Wrangling Rick would follow his lead, and perhaps add a little something extra to get on the regular's pecs. When the competition was over, no formal vote was conducted. Nonetheless, Kirk declared that the victory definitely belonged to, um...Rick.

Krazy Kirk says, "See ya!"

The end of the show came all too soon. Krazy Kirk wished us well, and thanked us for our participation in the show. That's the real secret of concerts with Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies: they're not only accomplished musicians, but they enjoy having fun with the audience. Now there's a fact that no one can dispute. Not even someone with a name like Wrangling Rick.

Dragon Dave

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