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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Venturing Into The Forbidden Zone

The beautiful Zuma Beach

No, I haven’t traveled to Arizona, to hike near Lake Powell or the Grand Canyon, which the astronauts trek through in the 1968 movie “Planet of the Apes.”  After Taylor is condemned to experimental surgery, and the Chimpanzee scientists Cornelius and Dr. Zera are to be tried for heresy, they flee to this barren landscape, through which apes are forbidden to travel without special dispensation.  Eventually they end up on the rocky shore of an ocean, where Cornelius has been conducting archeological studies. 

In the real world, this rocky shore is called Westward Beach, located near Point Dume in Malibu, California.  We parked along Zuma Beach, where another astronaut, Captain Tony Nelson, once discovered Jeannie in the first episode of “I Dream of Jeannie.”  Then we walked south, heading toward Westward Beach. 

The Cliffs along Point Dume

Along the way, I couldn’t help but notice the expensive homes (Or should I say mansions?) perched along the undulating sandstone cliffs.  A boulder on the beach reminded me of the one in the film that breaks loose and rolls toward the astronauts, nearly squashing them during their initial trek across the desert.  This highlights the fact that the cliffs supporting these homes might collapse at any time, given sufficient water from rain, or even a broken water pipe.

Watch out for falling rocks!

Until that happens though, they’re so much more comfortable than the cage in which Taylor and Nova were imprisoned, and offer equally stunning views.  In the Iron Man movies, Tony Stark lives in one of these.  Just like the chimpanzee scientists Cornelius and Dr. Zera, and Tony Stark, it seems that real-life residents are just as interested in studying the mysteries of our planet, and our universe. 

A House with a View.

I wonder if they read my blog, and if so, what they think of my musings.  It would be interesting to meet them, and a pleasure to tour their beautiful homes.  (Provided the cliffs don’t give way during my visit).  But, just as Cornelius needs Dr. Zaius’ approval to legally enter the Forbidden Zone, unless the occupants invite me inside, I’m just as forbidden to enter their zones.

Dragon Dave 

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