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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Everybody’s Comin’ to Kennedy Space Center

Guests line up for photographs outside
Kennedy Space Center's new entrance.

There’s a place that celebrates mankind’s greatest feats, and champions all we’ve yet to accomplish.  That place is Kennedy Space Center in Florida, and if you haven’t come here yet, you're really missing out.

Some hot new rides of the future.

When it comes to space flight, there’s so much history to celebrate.  Audacious engineers, who designed powerful rockets like the Redstone, Atlas, and the Titan.  Brave pilots, who climbed into the tiny Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo capsules, and blasted into orbit and beyond.  Designers who took the original rocket planes like the X-1 and the X-15, and transformed them into the Space Shuttle.  What’s next you ask?  How about more trips to the Moon and Mars aboard the Orion capsule, or flights high above the Earth aboard the Lynx Mk. II from XCor Aerospace, and the Sierra Nevada Corporations’ Dream Chaser?

"No, honestly, I'm not makin' the rabbit ears this time."

Not enough, you say?  Well then, why not learn about NASA’s robots?  They fly through space, and tell us about other planets we could visit.  There’re some on Mars right now, such as the rover Curiosity, helping us to prepare for manned missions there.  Some are as cute and amiable as they come.  You never know: you’re next best friend might just be a robot.

When this baby goes boom, you'll hear it.

Still not enough?  Wait, there’s more!  You can hop on a bus and see the launch pads for the moon missions and the Space Shuttles.  You could get an in depth look of the biggest rocket ever ignited, the Saturn V.  You can see all sorts of informative and entertaining programs on current space efforts, such as the International Space Station.  You can watch IMAX 3-D movies.  You'll learn about NASA’s programs, as well as those of the Russians.  You can even touch a moon rock!

"Nice to meet you too, Mr. Spaceman."

Still not convinced?  Bored with static displays like you find in museums?  Think the latest Hollywood productions make NASA’s movies pale by comparison?  Well, how about the opportunity to meet a spaceman? 

I asked Wendy Lawrence all kinds of questions,
and she answered them all!

You can even talk to a real life astronaut, such as Wendy Lawrence, who flew on four Space Shuttle missions!

"Why don't you two stand next to the
Shuttle Launch Experience?"

People travel here from all over the world, because there’s so much to see and do here.  Visitors come from all walks of life, because the hopes and dreams of space exploration unite mankind.  So if you’ve not yet visited Kennedy Space Center, the question surely must not be if, but when you’ll visit.  ‘Cause like I said, everybody’s comin’ to Kennedy Space Center.  Why miss out on a great thing like that?

And now, for the commercial...

Dragon Dave

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