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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Candy Train

Here’s something that proves gifts need neither be expensive or sophisticated.  An older gentleman at our friend’s church hurried over to her as she was getting into her car.  “This is for you,” he told her.  “Have a Merry Christmas.”

This train says something about the giver.  It says that he was thinking of my friend, and he wanted to honor and thank her for the role she plays in his life.  (In other words, he doesn’t take her contributions for granted).  It demonstrates that he’d rather give her something simple and fun than nothing at all.  This gift also says something about the recipient.  It demonstrates, that she doesn’t take life too seriously.  It shows that she’s an open person, and enjoys a good camaraderie with him.  It reminds me that she is a loving and caring person, as he gave her this gift, when he didn’t make or give gifts to everyone at her church.

Some people think that either you must do things first class, or do nothing at all. But this little train reminds me of the importance of thanking those who make meaningful contributions to our lives.  It reinforces that something need not be perfect to be valuable.  And it stands as proof that sometimes, gifts from the heart, that cost no more than a little effort and imagination, can be the best gifts of all.  I wonder if, next year, he'll give her a caboose?

Now, that would be sweet!

Dragon Dave 

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