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Friday, July 5, 2013

Daleks vs. Monsters

Dalek Supreme: Is it just me, or has Master stalled in learning his scales.
Pinky: That is correct.  He warms up well with C Major and G Major, but still has problems descending D Major, particularly when it comes to the black notes.
Dalek Supreme: He's not prejudiced, is he?
Pinky: No, he just finds them more difficult to play.  The D Major Arpeggios likewise throw him, but he's getting better.  
Dalek Supreme: It's your job to press him on, you know. I expect him to start working on A Major next week.  
Pinky: I'll try.  He has this thing about wanting to master one scale (and arpeggio) before moving on to the next though.
Dalek Supreme: How very...Human.
Pinky: Remember, he's currently working on the second half of Kuhlau's Sonatina Op. 20 No. 1, and the first half of Clementi's Op. 36 No. 4.
Dalek Supreme: I expect results, not excuses!  
Pinky: Sorry, sir.
Dalek Supreme: At least you stood up for Master.  I guess that's...

Dalek Supreme: Whoa!  Did your hear that?
Pinky: What loud booms!  I wonder where they're coming from.
Dalek Supreme: Could the Humans be launching more fireworks?
Pinky: I don't think so, sir.  Audio sensors indicate strong seismic disturbances, directly south of our position.  Whatever is causing them, they seem to be nearing.

Dalek Supreme: Visual receptors on maximum magnification.  
Pinky: Oh dear, my gooey insides are shaking!
Dalek Supreme: Get a hold of yourself, Pinky.  
Pinky:'s monstrous!
Dalek Supreme: Mistress has armed us; we're far from incapable of defending ourselves.  But it's approaching quickly, so reduce magnification.
Pinky: Yes sir.  Right, sir.  Reducing magnification.

Pinky: What is it, sir?
Dalek Supreme: I don't know, but arm your gun, and set it for maximum blast.  
Pinky: I wonder.  Is it possible it's not hostile?
Dalek Supreme: Even if the beast bears us no ill will, it's too large to allow any closer.  Prepare to fire on my signal.  Oh, and Pinky?
Pinky: Yes, sir?
Dalek Supreme: This time, make sure I'm not directly in the path of your laser before you fire.
Pinky: But you moved in front of...yes, sir.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's exciting chapter: "Captain Skaro to the Rescue!"

Dragon Dave

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