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Friday, July 19, 2013

Of Daleks and Fish

Salt: Why do you think Master & Mistress took Rex instead of us this time?
Pepper: Didn't you hear him pleading to go?  It was pathetic.
Salt: It's not right.  They know how much we love the fish at Long John Silvers.  They should have taken us.
Pepper: Let's console ourselves with the leftovers before they put them in the fridge.
Salt:  That ice pack certainly kept everything cold.  My olfactory sensors are barely registering.  Still, dibs on the onion rings.

Pepper:  Strange--my motion sensors are registering movement.
Salt:  Quick, open the box!

Salt:  Rex!!!!  What are you doing in there?
Rex: Um...not much.  Why?
Pepper: What happened to all the leftovers?
Rex:  Uh, yeah, about that...

Salt: I don't know; it seems like false advertising.
Pepper: Like I said: pathetic.
Rex: Hey, I said I was sorry!

Salt, Pepper & Rex Dalek

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