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Friday, July 26, 2013

Of Daleks & Hammers

Supreme Dalek: I must say, the Master's scales are sounding good.
Pinky: Yes, once I got him past D Major, he's really taking off.  He's mastered A Major, E Major, and he's not even phased by B Major, even though it's got five sharps.
Supreme Dalek: He seems to be getting the hang of Muzio Clementi's Sonatina Op. 36, No. 4 rather quickly, too.
Pinky: Yes, I think it helps that he finds the Rondo section similar to the second part of No. 1.  
Supreme Dalek: You see what a little gentle persuasion can accomplish?  It told you...what was that?
Pinky: I don't know.  It sounded like a terrific impact of some kind.  Say, who's this guy that's coming along?

Supreme Dalek: Excuse me, stranger, but who are you, and are you supposed to be here?
Thor: Well might you call me stranger, for I hail from Asgard, and my father Odin has cast me down to this unknown realm.  
Pinky: Then you're not from around here?
Thor: Aye, sweet pink Dalek, that is correct.  My name is Thor, and I'm certain my half-brother Loki must have something to do with my exile.  If only I could perform some noble deed to reclaim my honor!  Surely then my father--good King Odin--would forget his wrath, and welcome me back to my native realm.
Supreme Dalek: I'm sure we can find a task to which you are best suited.  There's always honor in a job well done.
Thor: Well said, good Dalek, but first I must find what belongs to me.  Have either of you seen my hammer?
Pinky: Well, I haven't seen a hammer per se, but when our Master plays the keys, he's actually using hammers to pound strings.   
Supreme Dalek: He's the source of the music you hear.
Thor: I cannot be hearing aright.  Do you mean to say that your master uses more than one hammer at once?
Pinky: Oh yes.  Through playing his piano, I mean.
Thor: Exactly how many hammers does your great master wield simultaneously?
Pinky: Uh, eighty-eight, I believe.
Thor: I must see this powerful god you serve.  Perhaps he can deliver me from this terrible plight.  Farewell, good Daleks.

Supreme Dalek: Is it just me, or is this place getting weird?
Pinky: I wonder what he's doing Friday night?

Supreme, Pinky & Thor Daleks

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