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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Astounded By The Tugboat

In Sacramento, California, there's a restaurant that my in-laws have long claimed is better than Long John Silvers.  It's called Tugboat Fish and Chips.

They serve up great tasting Alaskan Cod in gargantuan portions.

In fact, the atmosphere is so delightful and whimsical that even long-term customers are often overcome with anticipation and joy as they await their meal.

My wife and I split a two-piece fish basket, which included chips (fries). We might have finished it all, had not one of the owners come over to talk with us.  When he learned that we hail from San Diego, and that we had wanted to try his restaurant for years, he left and returned a few minutes later with a large basket of tempura vegetables.

Here I am, midway through my meal, with a few bites left of my tempura mushroom and onion ring, a whole zucchini slice, and half my fish.  I managed to finish my fish, but I was super-stuffed afterward.

Sadly, we never did finish all of their delicious fries.

While I love Long John Silvers, the closest restaurant to my home is a forty-five minute drive.  Finding a great place like Tugboat Fish & Chips reminds me that there might be several non-chain Fish & Chips restaurants closer to home.  Perhaps I should seek them out.  

One thing is certain.  The next time I visit Sacramento, there's a new restaurant at the top of my list!

Dragon Dave

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