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Friday, August 16, 2013

Daleks & the Judgment of Solomon

Salt: You're sure Master and Mistress won't mind?
Pepper: I didn't say that.  I just said they wouldn't miss an extra cupcake.  Now, if you're having second thoughts....
Salt: My guilt circuits are pulsing, but my olfactory sensors are overwhelmed with the moist, chocolatey aroma of a Hostess cupcake. We'd better open the package before I change my mind.

Salt: Wow, the aroma is so powerful I can barely keep upright!
Pepper: I agree, we'd better start consuming this before...oh, hello, Master!
Salt: Yes, greetings, great and mighty one.  In an effort to better serve you, we thought we'd anticipate your cravings.
Pepper: Yes, right.  We know how much you love Hostess cupcakes. Wait, no, we didn't mean to...please, please don't!  Mercy!  Mercy!

Pepper: Phew.  Ah, yes, I see.  A wise choice, if I may say so, Master. This way you can enjoy your cupcake now, and save some for later.
Salt: Haven't I always said Master was wise?
Pepper: And merciful.  Supremely merciful.

Pepper: What?  You mean, these are for us?  
Salt: Truly, a judgment worthy of Solomon.

Salt & Pepper Dalek


  1. Are you sure you wouldn't prefer a Twinkie? We just got a new box of those.