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Friday, August 30, 2013

Daleks on Pop-tarts and Ice Cream

In the beginning, there was darkness...

Supreme Dalek: And then music awoke the Creator, and he got up, shut off his alarm, and went to the gym.  Afterward his workout, to reward himself and get his day started, he would have a Pop-tart for breakfast, because, he declared, they taste so good.  

Then, in the evening, after a full day of creating, he would have ice cream for dessert, to reward himself, and--
Rex: Let me guess: because it tasted so good?
Supreme Dalek: Um...yes.
Red: So, what else is new?
Rex: Yeah, why'd you make us lug the Pop-tarts and Ice Cream out to tell us something we already know?
Supreme Dalek: Well, if you'd just give me a minute, I was getting to that.  
Blue: Yeah, give him a break.  Show due deference.
Supreme Dalek: Um, yes.  Thank you, Blue.  Well, one day the Creator went to Carl's Jr. for lunch, and there he found something wholly different, something he had never before conceived of creating.

It was called a Pop-tart Ice Cream Sandwich, and he knew he had to try it.

Even holding it in his hands brought a smile to his face.  Then, when he bit into it,

the Creator declared that it was good.
Blue: So you want us to subtly suggest to the Master that he take one of us along the next time he dines at Carl's Jr.?

Supreme Dalek: Actually, I have a superior suggestion.  One that might benefit all of us, simultaneously...

Supreme, Red, Rex, & Blue Dalek

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  1. Daleks want Pop-Tarts! Daleks want Pop-Tarts and Ice Cream! Now, Now, NOW!!!!