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Friday, August 9, 2013

How Spider-Man Inspired The Daleks

Rex: I think you need to turn another page, sir.
Supreme Dalek: Hold on a minute.  First, I want to read this story about Spider-Man.
Rex: But I've got to find out what happens to Red Sonja!  She was just...ooh, Boxing!

Rex: Say, the Champ reminds me of Robert E. Howard.
Supreme Dalek: I know I'm going to regret asking this, but why?
Rex: Well, he loved Boxing, didn't he?  Wasn't he an amateur boxer?  
Supreme Dalek: I gather he enjoyed the sport, and incorporated it into his fitness regime.  

Rex: Uh, excuse me, sir, but didn't Robert E. Howard also write stories about Boxing?
Supreme Dalek: Yes, I believe he wrote more stories about Boxing than about Conan, King Kull, and Red Sonja combined.  Now, can we get back to "Spider-Man and the Champ?"
Rex: Sorry, sir.

Rex: Speaking of Boxing, Michael Palin mentions in his Diaries 1969-1979: The Python Years that "Jabberwocky," the film he made with Terry Gilliam, actually out-performed "Rocky" in Spanish cinemas in 1979.
Supreme Dalek: Okay, I get the Robert E. Howard reference, as Roy Thomas' portrayal of Red Sonja was inspired by a character in one of Howard's historical stories, but how is Michael Palin relevant to what we're reading?

Rex: Oh, I just thought it was a cool fact.  I mean, we're talking about one of the most beloved and important Boxing movies of all time, versus....  I mean, it is interesting, right?

Supreme Dalek: All right, way to go, Spidey!  
Rex: I agree, sir.  The story had engaging characters, a short but well-orchestrated plot, and--
Supreme Dalek: Would you stop trying to impress me?  It's getting on my nerves!
Rex: Uh...right, sir.  Sorry, sir.
Supreme Dalek: Yes, want to find out what happens to Red Sonja, don't you?
Rex: Yes, please.

Rex: Wait!
Supreme Dalek: What now?
Rex: I just had a brilliant idea!

Rex: There's only three left.  You don't think Master and Mistress would miss one, do you?
Supreme Dalek: Not a chance.  

Rex & Supreme Dalek

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