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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

July 2013 in Review

While a few of "My Ten Most Popular Posts" have swapped positions, no new entries have climbed onto the list.  So, instead of listing the old numbers and positions for you, I thought I'd share with you the posts that generated the most interest in July.  (As always, I've listed the titles as links, so you can review any posts you might have missed).

Oscar Goldman.  Yeah, he's cool.

1. My Meeting with Oscar Goldman (40 Page Views).  I posted this last October, and it only got a few page views initially.  But people love the Bionic TV shows, and I'm glad some people found it, and shared it with their friends.  

2. James Herriot Trivia (36 Views).  I posted this back in June, but as it came well after I posted the rest of my James Herriot-themed entries, I think it took those readers awhile to find it.  

3. Daleks Versus Monsters (34 Views).  This was the most popular post for July.  This came as quite a surprise to me, as I had intended it as a lead-in to what I thought people would really get a kick out of, which was the appearance of Captain Skaro, the Dalek equivalent of Captain America.  (As it happened, Captain Skaro to the Rescue! fell below the Dalek average).  I guess it's just as well I never got into playing Poker.

4. Norman Clegg's TV House (28 Views).  Despite how Blogger continually juggles its Page View numbers (see My Ten Most Popular Posts for an explanation), it's rare that a month goes by without a few people checking out my post "Catching A Glimpse of Norman Clegg's House."  When a reader alerted me to the fact that the house Norman Clegg lived in during the production of the TV series "Last of the Summer Wine," I knew I had to return to Holmfirth and check it out.  Oh, it would be neat to live there.

5. C. J. Cherryh: Exceptional & Accessible (22 Views).  Meeting this Science Fiction luminary was a real treat.  I enjoyed my long chat with her at a convention, and we've corresponded once or twice since then. I really, really like her.  Obviously, other readers do too.

6. Understanding Kimi Raikkonen: Part 3 (22 Views).  This was one of a series I did last year, when I compared Kimi Raikkonen not only to other Formula One race car drivers, but also to test pilots of experimental aircraft.  This idea seems bizarre in retrospect, but if you never act on an idea other people might regard as crazy...well, maybe you're too busy playing Poker.

7. Pocket Dalek Knitting Pattern (20 Views).  People like my Dalek posts.  People like Daleks.  People obviously want to knit Daleks for their very own home.  What's even remotely crazy or bizarre about that?

8. Catching a Glimpse of Norman Clegg's House (17 Views).  See!  See!  See!

9. Indulging my Inner Cow with Superman (17 Views).  I suppose it's possible that people were interested in my review of the Superman movie "Man of Steel," but personally, I think they just liked seeing me in a funny outfit.

10.  Robert E. Howard's King Kull in Comics (16 Views).  It's amazing how high profile readers, critics, and historians continually denigrate Robert E. Howard's writing.  It's equally amazing how fans of his literary efforts usually denigrate adaptations of his stories and characters, particularly in comics.  But my Robert E. Howard comic-related posts get a fair number of views, usually in excess of my Dalek entries.  

Well, there you have it, what you and other readers found most interesting at The Dragon's Cache in July.  Thanks for reading, and recommending my posts to your friends.

Dragon Dave

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