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Friday, August 2, 2013

Red Dalek Builds Lego Star Wars

Blue: What are you doing?
Red: Shh.  It's a surprise for Master?
Blue: How so?
Red: Master got this Star Wars Lego kit as a gift, but he hasn't gotten around to assembling it yet.
Blue: So you dug it out of the closet and decided to build his Lego set for him?
Red: Exactly.
Blue: I see.  You do realize that half the fun of Legos is building something yourself, right?

Red: Fun?  He thinks I'm having fun?  Let's see him figure out how to put this together, following these inadequate directions! 

Blue: Say, looks like it's coming along nicely.  
Red: What do you mean, 'coming along nicely?'  I've been at it for four hours!
Blue: Hey, get some perspective.  It takes NASA years to build a spaceship.  
Red: Yeah, but that's a real...say, what have you got there?
Blue: Oh, just an old hammer I found lying around.  I thought it might help you fit the remaining pieces together, but as you're doing so well, I'll just--
Red: Give it to me!

Thor: I thought I heard someone mention a hammer.  Hand it over, Red.
Red: No way, I'm tired of this project, and I'll finish it if it's the last thing I do.
Thor: No, don't!  You don't know the power--

Thor: --of the hammer. 
Red: Failure!  Failure!  I must exterminate myself!  Failure!  Failure!
Thor: Oh boy.  Talk about a meltdown.

Red: Thanks for talking me round, and helping me reassemble the Lego Star Wars Tie Interceptor and Death Star.
Thor: No problem.  Just remember, as far as Master is concerned, you did it all yourself.
Red: Fine.  If you want me to take all the credit, I'm good with that.

Red (Blue, & Thor) Dalek

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