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Friday, October 4, 2013

Sweet Dalek Inspiration

Denim: Sir, is it just me, or are Old Fashions smaller in Hilo?
Pocket: At least they'll give Master & Mistress energy for snorkling at Richardson.
Denim: Not enough.  I hope they don't take another afternoon nap. 
Pocket: Don't worry.  I've got a plan.

Denim: Whoa, this place certainly looks space age.
Pocket: Yes, Big Island Candies is world-famous for a reason.

Denim: Hey, look at the guy lingering by the chocolate and caramel shortbreads!

Denim: Now he's going for one of the chocolate-dipped Macadamias!
Pocket: Relax.  They encourage sampling at Big Island Candies.
Denim: Is that why you brought Master & Mistress here?  To sample cookies?
Pocket: No, my plan is far grander than that.

Pocket: Okay, everybody out!  Let's secure a gazebo pronto!

Denim: Wow!  Those donuts may have been undersized, but this brownie Mac nut ice cream pie sure isn't! 
Pocket: I just hope my plan works.
Denim: What does it entail?
Pocket: Well, after eating all that ice cream, they probably won't be in a rush to hurry back to the motel room.

Denim: You were right, sir.  You may have blown their diets for the day, but you really inspired them.

Pocket: I must say, I love it when a plan comes together.
Denim: You know, something tells me Master & Mistress will be watching "The A-Team" on iTunes tonight.
Pocket: It could happen.

Pocket & Denim Dalek

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