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Friday, December 27, 2013

No One Likes Hulk-Dalek When He's Angry

Hulk Dalek: Fresh cobbler smell good, fresh out of oven!  Hulk ready to serve to Mistress and Master.
Iron Dalek: Sorry, Hulk, but I think we may have to wait on this blackberry/apple cobbler.  It's still too hot.
Hulk Dalek: Hulk want to serve hot cobbler!
Iron Dalek: Yes, but Master and Mistress don't want the cobbler to melt their ice cream before their spoons reach their mouths.
Hulk Dalek: Forget ice cream!  Hulk want to serve fresh, hot cobbler!!!
Iron Dalek: Forget the ice cream?  No wonder people don't like you when you're angry!

Hulk & Iron Daleks

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