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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Grimm Family Portrait

Meet Monroe and Rosalee, two nice young people who inhabit the wonderful world of "Grimm."  In a recent episode, when Monroe told his parents of their engagement, they were so excited they flew off to visit him in Portland, Oregon. 

You might not know it to look at him, but Monroe is a Blutbad, or if you prefer, a werewolf.  Thankfully for us, he's given up the normal activities of his kind, such as running with the pack and hunting.  His parents know he's become a vegetarian, but they don't know that he plans to marry a Fuchsbau, or a real fox-y lady. They find this situation rather alarming.

Shaken, Rosalee leaves, but then his friend Nick arrives.  Nick doesn't possess a human-animal nature like Monroe and Rosalee, but he's inherited the rare trait of a Grimm, which enables to see the true form of people like Monroe and Rosalee. Traditionally, Grimms have hunted and killed Wesen, a generic term for Blutbad, Fuchsbau, and anyone who possesses extra-human traits.  When Monroe's parents learn their son has helped a Grimm hunt down Wesen, they are appalled.  

In Nick's work as a homicide detective, he meets people from all walks of life.  Some of them are Wesen.  Unlike most of his ancestors, he takes the time to look past external differences, and view all people as individuals.  He's even befriended a few Wesen, like Monroe and Rosalee.  Currently, he wants Monroe's help in tracking down a group of Wildesheer on a killing spree.

Monroe's father may not like Grimms, but he fears Wildesheer more. These Wesen weave the scalps of their victims into magical, impenetrable cloaks.  He knows that, with each victory, the Wildesheer grow more powerful, until they can summon forces of nature like thunder and lightning.  So he follows Nick and Monroe, and helps them defeat the psychotic, rampaging Wildesheer.  Meanwhile, Monroe's mother visits Rosalee, and tries to understand what her son sees in her.

Through working to overcome traditional boundaries, Monroe's parents gain a better understanding of their son.  So they accept his dinner invitation, only to find themselves sharing the evening with Nick and his fiancee Juliet. Unfortunately, Juliet tries to relax the stilted atmosphere by asking if they're looking forward to the wedding. 

This proves too much for them, and they instinctively revert to their animal form. Alarmed, Nick grabs his table knife to protect himself and Juliet.  

Monroe calms everyone down with a few soothing words. His father sums up the situation when he mutters, "This is going to take a little getting used to." Families and society constantly demand that we change our viewpoints, and adapt to new situations. That's why I want to be in Monroe's family...provided I can still enjoy a thick, juicy steak now and then.

Dragon Dave

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