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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ice Age Seven Sisters

Musing on Kim Stanley Robinson's 2013 novel Shaman, and thinking about the archeological history of Black Rock raised beach, made me wonder about the history of nearby Seven Sisters. Then I remembered seeing a certain artifact during our trip there. Thankfully, I had photographed it.

According to the sign in the Seven Sisters visitor center, this mammoth tusk was found just a few miles away. If I could pop into my TARDIS, and journey back 25,000 years, I might see the wooly mammoths walking along the beach. That'd be a sight, wouldn't it?

At the Discovering Fossils website, you'll find more photographs of Seven Sisters, including the echinoid, sponge, and bivalve fossils that can be found there. Given the wealth of fossils present, I imagine that Edward Taynton and his young gentlemen would have enjoyed a day filled with interesting discoveries, had he led an outing there in E. F. Benson's 1908 novel The Blotting Book.

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