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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Grimm Book of Knowledge

Nick and his young protege Teresa Rubel
Recently, my friend Nick met a young woman who sees the world like he does. She grew up in foster homes, and any time she told someone she had seen a person who looked like a monster, they threw her into a mental institution. Thus she earned the nickname Trubel (pronounced "Trouble"). As she never had anyone like Nick's aunt Marie to explain why some people look and act differently from others, she assumed they really were monsters, or that she was going crazy. So Nick brought Teresa to his trailer, and showed her some of his aunt's books.

These books are filled with the history of Nick's ancestors, who traveled all over the world, and battled all types of mythological creatures. Every time one of them discovered a new type of "wesen," he or she would write about the creature, and the circumstances surrounding that encounter. Their entries encompass a multitude of languages, handwriting, and artwork, and are as unique as every individuals who recorded them.

The pages in these books explain the history of the Grimms, and the ways in which people of all types have interacted throughout time. They help Teresa understand that she's not going crazy, and that she really can see the world in a special way. Now, it falls to Nick to help her understand that not all wesen are monsters. Some, like his friends Monroe and Rosalee, are far nicer than many of the "normal" people Teresa has met in her short, troubled life.

This page tells of an outbreak of Fluvus Pestilentia,
also referred to as the Yellow Plague.
Nick's English translation (see the white sidebar)
explains that the disease manifests as yellow boils.
In its final stage, those infected are overcome by deadly rage.

This illustration shows how Fluvus Pestilentia
devistated Medieval villages.
Nick's friend Rosalee once contracted this disease,
and driven by rage, nearly killed Nick.
Thankfully, Rosalee had told Monroe how to prepare
an antidote, which he administered before she died.

One of Nick's ancestors encountered this Cracher-Mortel
in Haiti back in 1791. His spit induced a death-like trance.
Once awakened, his victims lacked any willpower,
and obeyed his commands without hesitation.
Nick was attacked by one of these last year.
While he seems to have recovered,
he still exhibits some worrying aftereffects.

Knowing I was interested in his work, Nick was kind enough to copy some of the pages from his books and bind them together for me. The knowledge they contain may not prove as vital to me as for Teresa, but I appreciate his gesture. They help me see the world as he does, and it's always nice to understand what our friends do with their lives. As a gesture of respect to his aunt, Nick labeled his little collection Grimm: Aunt Marie's Book of Lore.

Given the way he protects all of us from malicious wesen, and his constant willingness to help those in need, I happen to think my friend Nick is a special guy. But he must think I'm a little special too. Otherwise, why would he have given me this book to read, to enjoy, and to help me understand him better?

Dragon Dave

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