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Friday, August 15, 2014

The Blue Elephant Hunt

Blue: Mammoth bones stuck in tar? Really? I was hoping to see a real elephant on this zoo trip.

Hulk: Come here, beast! Hulk promise not to smash you!

Blue: This is a cute baby elephant, but the skin feels too hard, and he doesn't move much. I don't think he's a real elephant either.

Artist: Hey you, come here: I want to talk to you! And you off to the side, stop that spraying! I've already given my outer casing its monthly wash, wax, and polish!

Blue: You're almost as cute as I am, but you look too small to be a real elephant. Hey, what do you mean I'm too small to be a real Dalek?

Blue: Both of you saw real elephants? Where?
Artist: They're all over the place. You just haven't been looking hard enough. Keep your optical sensors on alert, and I'm sure you'll--
Hulk: Hulk like ginger snaps. Hulk smash ginger snaps!
Artist: No, Hulk! No! You will not smash the ginger snaps!

Blue: Somehow, everything Master & Mistress eat reminds me of my failure to spot a real elephant. You say they're all around us, so why can't I see them?

Artist: I'll tell you what. As soon as Master & Mistress finish dinner, we'll go and help you look. Maybe we can find one for you.

Blue, Artist, & Hulk Daleks

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